illustration and more by Harry Morgan

Last sunday Cardiff bay put on some sort of twisted family-fun-military-propeganda-armed-forces-recruitment-drive. there was ice cream, rides, and tonnes of deadly military hardware for all the kids to play with, they loved it. Here are some drawings of the f**ked up weirdness.

-Scottish independance-
Drawings from the NATO action camp
Drawings from the frontline of the anti-NATO protest in Newport yesterday

So i stepped off the train to Cardiff to find that NATO are coming and things are pretty weird around the town centre. 8000 policemen have been drafted in, most of them are walking in circles around the castle wearing little blue hats. some of them are going round with a pole on wheels, messing with all the manhole covers, and the rest of them are just hanging around the 10ft high steel fence that now encircles the castle. I had to draw this.

Drawing at Shrewsbury folk festival this weekend. Thank you to Luke from the sign department, who mede me the gorgeous improvised drawing board. Pictures to follow

"DONT WORRY…" Said the mysterious inter-dimensional being… "EVERYTHING WILL PROBABLY BE OK"

Another Festival, Another 10m drawing. at Green Gathering, Chepstow

A sign for Weirdigan’s cafe, where i learned to make Chai tea. it got wet and cracked in the sun and a bit flaked off but hey ho.

Drawings from the district line, Done while traversing the mean tubes of london town

Things may have seemed a bit quiet here since i finished my degree, but I’ve been busy making permaculture banners for Glastonbury. I hope they held up to the rain. full pictures on my website soon